We've been immensely fond of Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman's relaunch of the famously trippy comic book Animal Man. Now, courtesy of DC Comics, here's an exclusive sneak peek at next Wednesday's issue.

So far in the series, Animal Man (a.k.a. Buddy Baker) and his superpowered daughter Maxine have been relentlessly pursued by The Hunters Three, a grotesque trio of entities who seek to claim her for their own nefarious purposes. Jeff Lemire's been penning a gripping script, and Travel Foreman's pencils are proper gorgeous yet stomach-churning. This new issue hits stands Wednesday, December 7. Here's the plot synopsis:

Animal Man #4
Written by Jeff Lemire
Art and cover by Travel Foreman

After coming face to face with the mysterious Totems, Buddy learns the truth about Maxine's destiny – but it may be too late, as The Red is infiltrated by agents of The Other, and Buddy struggles to control his new, unfiltered powers with deadly results! Meanwhile, Ellen and Cliff must face the last Hunters alone!