Check out what could be the most detailed map ever made of the lands in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Covering about 25,000 square miles of Westeros and the lands to the East, this work has over 250 locations, lakes, rivers, towers — and of course The Wall. Behold the splendor!

This is the work of Etsy artist Ron Guyatt , and here's the run down on what you can find on this large GOT poster map.

Which is referenced from over 20 pre-existing maps. This map includes over 250+ locations
Labeled on the map are: Seas, Bay's, Islands, Regions, Lakes, Rivers, Ruins, Settlements, Cities, Mountains, Forests, Roads, Towers, The Wall ... etc.

To my knowledge this is the most complete map ever made from the series as most preexisting maps only have main points of interest or focused on a specific region. To my knowlege the map covers an area over 25,000 Square Miles

It's really quite impressive. Guyatt also has a gorgeous map of Jurassic Park's Isla Nubar which we included here, along with a few close up shots of the Westeros and Essos map.