MARS ROVER LAUNCH ROUNDUP | Mars exploration 1970 style by Klaus Burgle.

Meet Curiosity - NASA's Mars Science Laboratory

The Mars Science Laboratory - also known as MSL, or Curiosity - is the most sophisticated Martian vehicle that NASA has ever built. More »

Gambling Horses And The Soviet Mars Colonies: 20 Retro-futuristic Visions Of The Red Planet

Now that the Mars Science Laboratory has begun its journey, let's step back and remember those depictions of Martian living from years gone by. According to certain past dreamers, Mars is occasionally occupied by nefarious sentient automobiles. More »

See the Mars rover Curiosity launch from Cape Canaveral

At 10:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, the one-ton Mars Science Laboratory began its eight-and-a-half month mission to the Red Planet. Here's the video in case you slept in this morning. More »

What does the future of space exploration hold?

November marks the opening of the American Museum of Natural History's brilliant new exhibition, Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration. More »

io9's Field Guide to Martians

Science fiction is overrun with Martians, from monstrous invaders to shapeshifting superheroes to Santa-kidnapping buffoons. To make sense of over a century's worth of Martians, we present this grid ranking scifi Martians on their goodness and just how alien they are. More »

The Mars rover Spirit's entire five-year mission, in less than three minutes

It took almost 2000 days for the defunct Spirit rover to travel 4.8 miles across the surface of Mars, but thanks to this time-lapse by YouTuber Oisiaa, you can relive its entire journey in 3,418 frames. More »

A mind-boggling infographic of all the missions from Earth to Mars, and where they wound up

While you're jumping up and down waiting for us to get a closer look at Mars, you can enjoy looking back through history at all the missions we've launched to the Red Planet. More »