Courtesy of IDW Publishing, here's an exclusive sneak peek at the final issue of the adventure miniseries Jack Avarice Is the Courier by upcoming Danger Girl artist Chris Madden. The issue hits stands Wednesday, November 30. Here's the issue synopsis:

Jack Avarice Is the Courier #5
Script/Art/Colors: Chris Madden

This is it! The conclusion to the explosive minseries finally pits Jack against his mysterious opponent as their search for the Eyes of Fate races to an action-packed confrontation! But with something much more personal on the line than just the fate of the world, both Jack and his enemies must hurry to reach the end of a decades-long plot with a showdown on a lost Caribbean island-where it all began. Explosions, black magic, a cave of the damned, and a duel to the death-it's all right here!