We love those crazy old kaiju anatomy diagrams (see here and here), and so does comic artist Brad McGinty. In fact, the Minnesota-based illustrator recently "discovered" a box of old Christmas cards his drunk dead grandfather tried to sell decades ago. According to his family lore, Grandpa McGinty collaborated with a Japanese soldier he met shot during World War II for an ill-conceived X-Mas card venture:

My grandfather spoke no Japanese, and Haruo spoke no English, so how they actually got together is beyond me or anyone else in my family. The idea involved creating American-style greeting cards for both the Japanese and the American markets. It also required Haruo to create all the artwork and handle all of the printing. My grandfather would simply mail Haruo photos of what he wanted, and Haruo would see to the rest.


No one in the family had ever seen any of the cards that were produced. It was thought that my grandfather set fire to all of the cards (and the boat) the moment they arrived in the states [...] I can't even tell you how excited I was to finally see the cards that "killed my grandfather" and drove my family into extreme poverty.


You can buy five of these cards for $5 at McGinty's website. He's also selling this retro cross-section of the xenomorph for $20.

[Spotted on Comics Alliance]