Last year we brought you the expert's guide to serving man on the day of thanks! This year, we've rounded up the most disgusting meals from television and TV to curb your appetite while you gorge. Bon appétit!

Drag Me To Hell Eyeball Cake

No one does gross-out horror/humor better than Sam Raimi. He delivers it in spades with this dinner party from the bowels of Hades.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Table Spread

Bugs, eyeball soup, and (most importantly) chilled monkey brains. It's enough to make a gal sleep with a philandering grave robber for a plate of fruit.

Vampire's Kiss Cockroach

Nick Cage thinks he's becoming a vampire, so he starts eating cockroaches, obviously.

Oldboy Octopus

It's not so much what he's eating — it's more the octopuses' struggle to survive while clinging to Oh Dae-su's face.

Spaceballs Space Soup

Check please!

True Blood Hunter Souffle

Sure, it's not a movie, but it's still so disgusting we had to give it a little shout out. Made from the murdered heart of the sexy little shifter, the real disgust with this dish is the way that everyone insists on eating it.

Rocky Horror Picture Show's Eddie

Dining on top of a corpse that may (or may not) be the main dish.

Hannibal Brain

Nothing tastes better than yourself.

The Lost Boys' Takeout

Chinese food to maggots in 30 minutes flat!

Honorable Mention: Conan the Barbarian green stew.