What do you get the geek who has every awesome collectable? something extraordinary. That's why we've gathered together a collection of all the best toys to give your friends and loved ones. And yes, that is the floating guard eyeball from Big Trouble Little China.

Check out the ultimate guide to toys that make the ideal gifts for all the fans in your life.

The Guardian from Big Trouble in Little China

This is the big ticket item that will bring any die-hard fan to their knees. Behold the Guardian from Mikie Graham. About the size of a human head this creature will put you back $500. But isn't it worth it? Check out more pictures at the artist's site Zombie Monkie.

Doctor Who Flesh Bowl Figure Creator

Build your own race from the Doctor Who series, and then execute them as you see fit (but feel really bad about it later) with the Flesh Bowl from Entertainment Earth at $52.99.

Sword of Omens

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooonly $19.99 at Toys R' Us.

Kitty Go Nerdy

Cats with nerdy glasses, take our money now! Designed by Jen Vidaurreta and available for $29.95 at Neatoshop.


What started out as a prank is now a glorious action figure. Yes, now you too can own the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey — apes sold separately. $12.99 from ThinkGeek.

USB Aphrodite

Tired of the hairless, oiled abs of the Gods from Immortals? What about about a classy Aphrodite USB statue to pose at your desk and remind you the goddess of love waits for a man with actual chest hair? $46.00 at Fred Flare.

Playmobil Zombies

Also from the wonderfully demented collection of Mikie Graham, Playmobil toys from beyond the grave and covered in blood. Really just lovely stuff. There's lots of different sets each running at about $40 at his site Zombie Monkie.

Sonic Screwdriver

The 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. Not as sexy as a TARDIS, but still pretty hot. Pick it up for $25.99 at ThinkGeek.

Sonic Tennis

Speaking of sonic creations, behold Sonic Tennis! Now you can play tennis inside without breaking all of your valuable toys. It's a tennis game sans the ball, "Sonic Slam racquets have the motion tech to make your virtual shots go slow or fast, short or long. These racquets even keep score for all your volleys and drop shots, too." The less work the better! $24.49 from Mattel.

Remote Controlled Dinosaur

Power your own mechanical dinosaur — or buy two and get them to fight, over at ThinkGeek for $39.99.

Steampunk Magnet Robot

Build your own steampunk creation, without all that tedious welding and hammering for $14.95 at Neatoshop.

Toddler Disney Princess

Disney Princesses in Toddler Form! DISNEY PRINCESSES IN TODDLER FORM! Baby Jasmine and baby Rajah! Baby Pocahontas and baby Meeko! Awwww! They're available for $24.50 at The Disney Store.


EXTREME HOT POTATO! Pass the ball to avoid getting shocked. Hurt your friends for $13.99 at ThinkGeek.

Monster Dolls

While we're not thrilled with the proportions of these exceedingly popular supernatural Barbie ladies, we're really excited about a dolly toy line that includes a water tank for their lady Creature from the Black Lagoon. It's two parts twee and one part geek girl, and undeniably adorable. Available for purchase at the Monster Doll Site in between $30 - $40.

Air Swimmer

These air swimming beasts are a never ending resource of joy. Swim a giant shark through your room or office, $42 per air beast at Air Swimmers.

Clue: World of Harry Potter Edition

Now that Harry Potter is over, are you finding it increasingly hard to slip in the old Potter slang? Never fear, Potter superfan the Potter Clue game is awash with Avada Kedavra and Accio this and that. Unravel the mystery behind the missing student, find out who used what spell or charm (bewitched broomstick, cursed necklace and so on, replace rope and candlestick) in the Malfoy Manor or other various Potter locations. Available for 26.99 at FAO Schwartz.

Rizzo The Rat Plush

Rizzo the Rat is the best Muppet. He's absolutely brilliant and was (sadly) almost a complete no show in the new Muppet movie. Show your Rizzo support in plushie form, for just $12.50 over at the Disney Store. Then watch the best Rizzo performance of all time in the Muppet Christmas Carol.


It's the Simon Sez of the future. $25.99 from Mattel.

Mozart Music Cube

It's a symphony in a box and it's guaranteed to make your baby super clever, as it's being sold for $35 at Genius Babies. Grow a little genius — with music.

Borracho de los Muertos Tenacious Blue

Tenacious Toys has the beautiful blue line of skellys from Spanky Stokes for $65.00.


De-stress by squeezing little fat Adipose babies from Doctor Who, 19.99 from Think Geek.

Lego Hoth

Recreate the beginning of Empire with your very only Lego Hoth world. $84.99 at Toy R Us.

Totoro Sleeping Bag

Snuggle up in your own Totoro — be advised, this this is teeny tiny, but still quite snuggly. $200 at Love Ghibli.

Image via Tumblr.

Death Star Planetarium

Not just for killing anymore. Behold the Death Star Planetarium — every kid/adult's bedroom should have one. Fall asleep to the dancing stars and screams from Alderaan. Available at Amazon for less than $20.

Toilet Monster

Go ahead, be that jerk who sticks a toilet monster in their friend's commode. Just please wash your hands afterwards. Available at Neatoshop for $16.95.

Last Night On Earth Board Game

A board game for the Zombie fan. It's the end of the world and you and your friends are various heroes just trying to make it out alive. Running at around $45.00 on Amazon this Last Night has a lot of good reviews, and only takes about an hour or so to finish the game.

Avengers Masks

These masks/head-wear items never get old. We have yet to tire of wearing them during late nights at the io9 office. Great for kids and adults looking for more attention. Plus they'll go perfect with the Iron Man head you bought a few years back. Don't forget to grab Mjollnir while you're at it. Prices range from $10-$20 at Hasbro and Entertainment Earth.

Futurama Tineez

The best three Futurama characters, shrunk down for your pleasure. Pick them up at ToyWiz in a three-pack.

Rideable Fighting Robots

Make Real Steel happen in your living room for a mere $17,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer. Just don't punch a bull (because it will kill you).

Claudia Warehouse 13 Maquette

Take your favorite W13 character home with you for a mere $59.95 at QMx. And don't worry — even though the maquette won't ship until 2012, QMx will send your recipient a lovely card!

Chinese Zodiac

Keep your Chinese Zodiac familiar with you at all times. Designed by Joe Ledbetter, get one for $15 or the whole set for $180.00 at Tenacious Toys.