On December 13, the 1,216-page DC Comics: The New 52 hardcover goes on sale. This monolithic tome slams together all 52 first issues of the DC relaunch from September 2011 ($90 on Amazon). Some other books you can use a bludgeon are The Mighty Thor by Walt Simonson — which collects the most enduring run on the Asgardian Avenger ever published ($67 on Amazon) — and the gigantic Art of Marvel Studios bookshelf collection ($90).

JC Richard's limited edition "Fortress of Solitude" poster ($50) for Mondo, which goes on-sale sometime on Black Friday. The sale time will be randomly announced on Mondo's Twitter account.

Diamond Select's neon 1990s Marvel Comics will take you back to a gentler, more extreme era when real covers were hologram and ogling the Wizard price guide was a national pastime. It's $100-$125 around the web.

The Doctor Orpheus and Phantom Limb Venture Bros. action figures ($38 from Entertainment Earth) aren't really Doctor Strange or the Ghost Who Walks, but are your really complaining?

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom ($40, XBox 360 and PS3) is an update of the famed button-mashing video game that came out earlier this year. The roster is ridiculous — characters like Rocket Raccoon, Iron Fist, and M.O.D.O.K. get plenty of face time. Our sister site Kotaku dug it. Definitely worth checking out If you didn't pick up the first one. Similarly, Batman: Arkham City really belongs in any Bat-fan's life.

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