Adidas' Hoth Skywalker Shoes ($140) give an understated shout out to everyone's favorite ice planet/snow field in Norway. Adidas' Wampa shoes ($150) are also pretty dapper for footwear inspired by a carnivorous reptomammal. You can find the rest of Adidas' Star Wars line here.

On Black Friday, Dark Horse digital is offering a crazy one-day comics deal at their digital website:

On Black Friday, for 24 hours only - Dark Horse Digital will offer 134 single-issue Star Wars comics for $100! A savings of over $166! This sale will begin at midnight (PST), November 25th! Dark Horse Digital is available through all modern web browsers and as an app in the iTunes Store for Mac devices.

Over at General Geekery, sculptor Paul Pape will happily freeze you and your loved ones in a Carbonite sculpture. The 4-inch model begins at $50.

I'm not sure if the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar ($40 at Entertainment Earth) counts down to Life Day, but I suppose it's best to open it sooner as opposed to later.

Weirdo bootleg toy sculptor the Sucklord was the breakout star of this season of Bravo's goofy reality series Work of Art. He's selling his Gay Empire figure at his site for $45. Conceptual crap!

Anton Marrast's "Fear and Loathing on Tatooine" wall print ($46 from Society 6, 21" by 28") takes you to a bat country far, far away.

The Marc Ecko X-Wing Pilot Hoodie ($150 online) — subtle enough for chilly days, yet flashy enough for exhaust port hunting.

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