What new comic books are on the stands tomorrow? A great Batman graphic novel, the further adventures of Professor Wolverine, and enough eminently readable new issues to fill an extremely accommodating gravy boat.

First Issues
DC Comics is releasing a series based on the video game Diablo and reprinting the 1998 Mark Waid Scarlet Speedster book Life Story Of The Flash. Marvel Comics is releasing the Maximoffian one-shot Avengers Origins: Quicksilver And The Scarlet Witch.

Grab Bag

Some of the more intriguing or high-profile reads on the stand include All-Star Western, I, Vampire, Kick-Ass 2, Fantastic Four #600, Cullen Bunn's The Sixth Gun, Joe Casey's Vengeance, DMZ, Unwritten, Dark Horse Presents (which includes a new Beasts of Burden comic), another issue of Warren Ellis' Secret Avengers, Jason Aaron's very promising Wolverine and the X-Men, and the rare new issue of Jeff Smith's time-jumping series RASL, which is a smashing read.

As for some books we've covered recently, you can check out new installments of Flash (we talked to the creative team recently), Cobra (preview here), and Justice League Dark (and here's our preview of that).

Graphic Novels
For $20, you can get every single deranged Milk and Cheese comic penned by Evan Dorkin ensconced in the series retrospective Milk And Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad. Scott Snyder's spectacular Batman: The Black Mirror is out on hardcover — it takes place before the New 52, but it's one of the most rock-solid Bat-reads in a long time.


In the DC Comics throwback compilation column, we have Showcase Presents: Ghosts and the second Green Lantern Omnibus. As for more modern Marvel fare, there's Peter Milligan's samurai miniseries 5 Ronin, Matt Fraction's The Mighty Thor, and the first volume of Uncanny X-Force: The Dark Angel Saga. And as usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang!