We've barely seen any glimpses yet of Prometheus, Ridley Scott's long-awaited return to science fiction, but there's already a glorious piece of fan art online. This is "Prometheus Chamber" by Rado Javor, a Slovakian concept artist, and it's a nice glimpse of wonder to hold us over until we see more actual Prometheus art and stills.

Check out a couple more of Javor's Prometheus-inspired artworks below.

Writes Javor about the above image:

Third picture inspired by the movie Prometheus, which is still mystery regarding the plot and story. This time something darker as the Halloween is near. My idea was a scene when the explorers from earth discovered central chamber of the space jockey alien race, they are wondering what is the purpose of it and what happened.

Here are a couple more Prometheus pieces, plus some of our other favorites from Javor's amazing gallery. Check out tons more at the link. [Rado Javor on Deviant Art, via Cuded]

Space Jockey Planet. Writes Javor, "This is my vision of the first human expedition send to discover the unknown mysterious race called the navigators or space jockey. The same organism was foundf in the derelict spaceship at the beginning of the alien movie. This planes is dead for millenia and should look really different and alien. Its a quiet quick image, wanted to keep it rough and atmospheric. "

Ancient Spaceship. Writes Javor, "Their ship is ancient and should look very different and superior to human vessels. My goal was to make a ship similar to the derelict in the first alien movie, just much bigger and different configuration."

Space Marines. Inspired by Warhammer 40K


Imperial Walker

HMS Belfast


Alien Derelict

Royal Dockyards

Ash Planet

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