In 1969, the Random House Book of the Month Club gave readers the opportunity to purchase a copy of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland as illustrated by surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. And yes, the Mad Hatter's tea party does include a picture of a melted clock.

The painter put his loopy imprimatur on each one of the book's chapters. Here's a video guide to the book. Also somewhat related, the Disney/Dalí collaboration Destino.

"Alice Frontipiece"

"Down the Rabbit Hole"

"The Pool of Tears"

"Caucus Race and a Long Tale"

"The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill"

"Advice from a Caterpillar"

"Pig and Pepper"

"Mad Tea Party"

"The Queen's Croquet Ground"

"The Mock Turtle's Story"

"The Lobster's Quadrille"

"Who Stole The Tarts"

"Alice's Evidence"

[William Bennett Gallery via Laughing Squid]