Everybody knows that princesses are awesome — they can march off to save the kingdom, or throw a totally sensational party. And magical princesses are the best, because they have special powers, and they often hang out with huge animals and other uncanny creatures.

It's Friday, which is the perfect time to celebrate with a gallery of some of the most alluring digital artworks of fantasy princesses. Warning: Picture #3 in the gallery could be NSFW.

Top image: Demon Princess by Changmu Liu

Hime, Michael Chang Ting Yu

Butterfly Princess, Zhuangyue Xiao

Frozen Princess, Jianan Fang

Atlantis Princess Kidagakash Nedakh, Heri Irawan

Princess and Princes, Vinh Pham

The Princess Of The Dog Mountain (Mononoke), Michael See Zheng Xun

Princess Of Ice Elf by ~fangogogo

Lotus Princess by ~Starlight-Usagi

Frog Princess, Beatriz González Rabadán

Demon Princess, Alexandra Knickel

Aria's Dense Forest, Hankson Wu

The Owl Princess, Gracjana Zielinska

The Princess And The Frog, Jon Bonebrake

Goldfish Princess by *eat01234

Midnight Monarchs by Chester Ocampo

Princess Syuria Ratnasari, Cycom

Battle Princess, Keun Ju Kim

The Ice Princess, Aly Fell

Moon Princess by Moon Kim

Yburiath The Red Princess, Suzanne van Pelt

Princess, Eve Ventrue