Adam Levermore, the man behind those awesome Battlestar Galactica propaganda posters and Firefly travel posters, is back with a new series of posters and cards about robots living in suburbia. Called Roburbia, the series just launched — we've got some of Levermore's favorite images, along with some of his other cool art. Like it? You could win a copy of the picture above as a poster!

Levermore writes:

Life in Roburbia is a celebration of mid-20th century, small-town America, back when it was populated entirely by robots. You remember that time, right? Of course you do.

These beautiful, weird images are perfect for holiday cards, or just for gawking at in wonder.


Want to win a poster? Post in comments the one sentence that you think is going through that robot's head (the one in the top picture) right now. We'll pick a winner and notify you via a personal message to your account on io9.

You can also visit the Roburbia site and snap up some of these cards in time for the holidays! We recommend it!