As you all know, on December 21, 2012 the rivers and oceans will fill with lava and we will all drown in a sea of fire tornadoes and locust clouds. But until then we've got one year left to celebrate. So let's go out in style.

Some of our favorite artists (Zander Cannon, Ryan Browne, Jenny Frison) have come together to celebrate Judgement day with this totally beautiful Apocalypse Calendar. Check out some totally rad visions of the End of Days — including the four shirtless horsemen of the apocalypse and a gloriously colored interspecies animal orgy. All these gorgeous terrors and more await you.

The calendar is for sale at the Apocalypse Calendar site, along with separate prints of most of the pages. Calendars and prints start shipping in December. Check out our favorite images right here!

By Dan Hertzberg.

By Jay Ryan

By Jenny Frison

By Mari Swicks

By Nick Pitarra

By Ryan Browne

By Ryan Browne

By Sean Dove

By Steve Seeley

By Zander Cannon