Meet Arthur the baby. Don't let his youth fool you — he's a season thespian who's participated in many experimental productions of familiar science fiction films. He's got a leg up on other babies — at his age, all I did was pose on little red wagons.

That's Arthur's recreation of Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal above. Fortunately, his newfound internet fame hasn't gone to his head. According to his mother Emily, "We showed Arthur some of the press coverage, he looked surprised. But he looks surprised if I hand him a banana, so..." You can find more of his work at Arthur Recreates Scenes From Classic Movies, and here are some of his greatest hits.

Arthur's take on Teen Wolf.

Arthur's performance as Kuato from Total Recall.

Arthur covers The Shining.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

[Via MeFi]