SAY GOODNIGHT, BIG GUY | "Last Shot," amazing art by Elena Bespalova, via Lightspeed Magazine.

NASA: We've discovered something completely new on the surface of Mars

You're looking at a close-up of the Martian surface, recently shot by Opportunity's onboard cam, that reveals a line of light-colored rocks known to NASA astronomers as "Homestake" or "The Vein." And they say it's like nothing they've ever seen. More »

For the first time in 75 years, an entire genus of mammal is on the brink of extinction

You're looking at three of the last known hirola on Earth. Since the 1970s, unregulated hunting, habitat destruction and drought linked to climate change have driven the number of these large African antelopes living in Kenya and Somalia from over 14,000 to fewer than 400. More »

How do smelling salts work?

There was a time when police officers were issued special "lady revivers," or vials of smelling salts for fainting women. Faintings aren't so common these days, but anyone who has read a good (or bad) Victorian novel has seen these salts make an appearance. More »

Awesome X-Men fashion goes beyond spandex and ruby-red visors

Mutant haute couture tends to begin and end with leather jackets, pouches, not-battlefield-worthy corsets, and blue-and-yellow school uniforms that leave nothing to the imagination. Artists Kevin Wada and Max Wittert have decided to put some more outfits in the X-Women's armoires. More »

First Detailed Look Inside the Childhood of a Lost Species

How did mammoths grow up? It's a simple question, but one that has been difficult to answer. Much of what paleontologists know about the great Ice Age beasts come from teeth, bones, and comparisons to living elephants. More »

Fund a study that will plumb the horrors of duck sex!

In case you're unaware, duck sex is perhaps the singularly horrific event of the animal kingdom, replete with labyrinthine vagina dentata, explosive erections, and the occasional dalliance with necrophilia. More »

New DNA analysis reveals what cavemen were really painting 35,000 years ago

The artistic skill and attention to detail on display in prehistoric cave paintings is nothing short of astonishing, but one unsolved mystery is whether prehistoric humans simply painted exactly what the saw, or if the art was more symbolic. More »

The 10 Most God-Awful Movies About Greek Mythology

Are Greek gods just automatically camptastic? The Immortals looks like it will push mythological glitter to its absolute limits - but there's been a long history of insanely goofy movies about Hercules, Zeus, Perseus and other Hellenistic bruisers. More »

This is the most mind-bendingly awesome piece of art you'll see today

I've watched this video several times now, and I'm still not exactly sure how NYC artist Dev Harlan managed to pull off the light-show voodoo featured in his video-projection sculpture "Parmenides I," featured in the clip up top. More »

The Next Crop of Found Footage Movies That Will Scare You Silly

Now that Paranormal Activity 3 has broken box office records for October, Hollywood is green-lighting any thriller you can shake a handheld camera at. More »

Why We're All Wrong About the Future of User Interfaces

Designer Bret Victor has posted an absolutely brilliant rant about the future of interaction design, which everybody must read. You've heard a lot of hype about ubiquitous touchscreens and gestural controls - but Victor has a very eloquent yet simple explanation of why these things are not the future. More »

First trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman shows a return to black magic movie-making

The first ever trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman shows off who the real star of this picture is: Charlize Theron. Watch as the Evil Queen sucks out the life of her people to retain her beauty. More »

The Most Unintentionally Terrifying Movies of All Time

Sometimes, Hollywood sets out to make a fun movie for kids - and it winds up being nightmare fuel for everyone, including adults. Whether it's Dumbo's drunken severed elephant head monster dreams, or the helping hands from Labyrinth, supposedly cute movies have been freaking us out for years. More »

Simultaneously the stupidest/most disturbing ending in horror movie history? [NSFW]

Chances are you're familiar with such Troma Entertainment flicks as The Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD. Kitschy fun, right? Well, let's watch the infamous ending of the 1989 child cannibal flick Beware! More »

Why We Can't Have Great Movies

Universal Pictures chief Ron Meyer caused a splash late last week, when he admitted that "we do make a lot of shitty movies," and listed Land of the Lost, The Wolfman and Cowboys & Aliens among the studio's clunkers. More »