Is Stargate gone forever? The cancellation of Stargate Universe seems to imply that we've got a long ways to go until we see a gate on television again. We asked beloved Stargate actor David Hewlett, aka Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay, what the chances are for more Stargate.

And since he now owns most of the dismantled sets of SGU, he might have the answer.

In our recent interview with Hewlett about his upcoming Syfy monster movie Rage of the Yeti, we found out that after SGU was shut down, the actor took a few spaceship sets off their hands in Vancouver. He's still working on his behind-the-scenes scifi comedy series StarCrossed, so the abandoned sets could become pretty useful if StarCrossed ever gets off the ground. (And Hewlett did let it slip that there is indeed some new interest in the series.) Check out this clip of the potential series hidden in Hewlett's first directorial foray, A Dog's Breakfast.

And as happy as we are for StarCrossed, what we really want to know is will there ever be more Stargate? So we asked...


Do you think there will ever be another Stargate?

David Hewlett: Yes, yes I do. Will it involve the people that you're used to seeing in it? Probably not. That's going to be a while, my guess is as good as yours... It's a franchise that I can't imagine them completely letting go. My hunch is it's going to need a bit of time before they're ready relaunch something like that. We're joking about how I miss spaceships, but they don't make that kind of science fiction anymore. Not on TV.


But what about McKay the character, since Syfy has been having a lot of fun with character crossover among Eureka, Warehouse 13 and even in Alphas — so McKay doesn't really have to be gone forever. Could this character seemingly make another appearance on a different Syfy series?

I think you'll definitely see McKay in basically anything I ever do. That character is just so ingrained now. I'm not good enough of an actor to be a chameleon. There are some actors that can just lose themselves in characters, I always draw on stuff that [comes from] me. There's always a bit of McKay, there's certainly some McKay in Rage of the Yeti. But I think the issue with actual character crossover, it's rights. You can't bring McKay to another show, without getting involved in all sorts of rights issues. I guarantee you there will be more arrogant, nerdy scientists in my future. I love playing them and people seem to like writing them. I think that's definitely on the books.


Too bad. Hopefully we could get StarCrossed in the future — and even though it's unrelated to Stargate hopefully Hewlett will pool from his collection of excellent Stargate cast members like Paul McGillion. Until then, we'll have to wait.