Is there anything more wondrous than art showing interstellar phenomena and dolphins — together? It's like a whole universe of awesome, all in one place. Brandon McConnell's spray-painted art is full of pyramids, galaxies, sunsets, true love and dirt bikes.

Including some paintings he put together in under a minute! Check out some of his amazing images, plus a couple instructional videos, below.


You totally have to love the work of Brandon McConnell, who clearly has a vivid eye as well as a process for creating pyramids and planets in a freakin hurry. Not all of his paintings are speed paintings, but some of the coolest apparently are. He posts his work over at — and has some paintings for sale. Check out some of our favorites below!

Here's one of his best instructional videos via Youtube. Note how he puts together a pyramid with just some folded up magazine pages and a handy spray-can. It's actually pretty amazing to see the process at work.

Here's another one of his total classics, "Stairway to Oblivion." Featuring space cities and a staircase — this one takes a few minutes. And it's freakin sweet! He hasn't posted any videos since January 2009, so hopefully he's still out there doing this.

Here's another one of his paintings called "Critical Mass"

"Rough Rider"

"Final Eclipse"


"God of Giants"

"Texas Evening"

"Red Peak"









"Wind and Sea"

"Space Art"