While covering GenCon this year, I managed to playtest a couple of cool titles, including a game that designer Tim Rodriguez has been working on for years called Ghost Pirates.

Easy to learn and very tactical, the board game plays out a high-seas battle between ships of the undead. Being ghost ships, the boats themselves are constantly changing in size and shape, adding new sections and rooms while cannons blast and masts collapse, and hordes of ghost boarding parties battle it out.


I played the game in a nearly-finished state, and in the intervening months, Rodriguez has put the final polish on the title, and put it up on Kickstarter to fund. For $10 you can grab a print-and-play copy, and $25 will get you a physical version of the game. We have a few preview images of the game's art below.

Admittedly, I played the game at midnight, half-drunk after spending days covering a convention, so I could have been easily impressed, but I thought it insanely fun. I learned it quickly, and in no time was blowing up ship parts, knocking sailors into the briny deep, and pillaging my undead heart out. It's great game, and for just $10 you can help make it happen.