We're big fans of Hieronymus Bosch-style artwork showing the Christian Hell in all its glory — but Bosch pales in comparison to this art collection of (what we're assuming) is Chinese Hell. There's one form of punishment that's just needle rain and another that's some sort of a bee and scorpion tornado.

As opposed butchering each backstory with a hack job from Google Translate, we've linked back to each level of hell for your own reading pleasure, should if you want to check it out. Personally the artwork does a lot of the explaining itself. The art originated from this Pixnet account, and doesn't appear to be too old, since we spied one bespectacled gentleman in a motorboard cap in one of the hell levels.

Thanks for the tip (and the headline) martinmatty.

Bee Scorpion Hell.

Cliff Flinging.

Iron Crow Hell

Hell Fire Dogs.

Capstone Hell.

Iron Juices Hell.

Hell Squatting Peak

Hack Saw Hell.

Hell Top Folder

Snake Hell

Needle Rain Hell

Oil Cauldron Hell.

Sunburn Ridge Hell

Taste Of Tiger Hell

Pounds Known As Hell.

Wolf Taste of Hell.

Fire Bulls


Hell Hit The Knee