We were all a bit heartbroken that the "Big Damn Replica" of Mal Reynolds' awesome ship, Serenity, turned out to cost around $2,500 from Quantum Mechanix. You can't put a pricetag on happiness, but that's still a bit steep for many of us.


Now Quantum Mechanix has unveiled a new Serenity replica that's... a mite bit more affordable, at $99. Check out a couple more pics below.

We'll have another exclusive Firefly-related reveal from Quantum Mechanix a week from now — so be sure to check back!


The Big Damn Replica was 1:180 scale, or around 19 inches. The Little Damn Replica, pictured above, is 1:400 scale. Here are all the details, via the QMX page:

Smaller, But Still Plucky as Ever

One of science fiction's most beloved spaceships isn't a gargantuan battlecruiser or a sleek starship cruising the galaxies. It's the workhorse Firefly-class transport, well past her prime with hardly a peashooter to defend herself, named Serenity.


QMx has recreated Serenity in 1:400 scale – about 8 inches long – out of dozens of parts, some as small as a millimeter. Her intricate design matches the Firefly TV series version of the ship in every detail: She was created using the show's actual CG files.

Dubbed the 10th Big Damn Hero by Joss Whedon, we knew our Little Damn Heroes™wouldn't be complete without her.

Our Little Damn Heroes™ Serenity Maquette comes with a sleek black stand and is the perfect size for your favorite space. This hand-painted, polystone, screen-accurate creation is priced at $99.95.


You can preorder the Serenity here, and it'll ship in December.