Courtesy of Marvel Comics, here's an exclusive sneak peek of the next issue of writer Jeff Parker and artist Patrick Zircher's Hulk.

In this five-page sequence from Hulk #45, Red Hulk and Machine Man square off against Sultan Magus, the leader of the techno-wizardly city of Sharzhad. Check out the ever-resourceful Machine Man demonstrating that bodies are a fleshy human contrivance.


Hulk #44 came out this week, and Hulk #45 hits the stands Wednesday, December 7 (that's the cover art above). Here's the issue synopsis:

HULK OF ARABIA reaches its astonishing conclusion! One of the most hotly anticipated Red Hulk stories yet has all been building to this! Red and Machine Man go mono a mono (a machino) against Dagan Shah, the mysterious new powerhouse whose mythical kingdom of Sharzhad has become a destabilizing new force to be reckoned with! Mastermind Jeff Parker and the brilliant Patch Zircher guarantee the result of this epic showdown is one you won't see coming, and will change the face of the Marvel universe!