A couple of die hard Star Wars fans camped out in the scorching California desert to watch the filming of the infamous barge scene in George Lucas' Return of the Jedi. Separated only by a chain-link fence, the group snapped some truly astounding behind-the-scenes images. Including Boba Fett's last call.

According to the website PropStore, the lucky snapper behind these images is named Mike Davis. It took him ten days to get to the remote valley, but when he reached his destination, it was clearly worth it.


He had an amazing view of Jabba's sail barge, Carrie Fisher's down time, speeder bikes, and Fett's final dive into the Sarlacc pit (which the group later pillaged bits from after they were done filming). You can read the whole story (and view more images) over at Prop Store, but our absolute favorite part of this tale is that Mike and his friends were allowed to hang out and take pictures every day on the outskirts of the set, as long as they behaved. Just another way the internet has changed the world. Here are a few of the best images.

Thanks for the tip Aeron Alfrey.

Carrie Fisher taking a break.