There's been talk for years about a live-action adaptation of Heavy Metal, the 1981 animated movie and long-running French comic magazine. And now, apparently, one is being filmed in Belgium — starring Piranha 3-D's Kelly Brook and Stargate's Joe Flanigan.

Both Brook and Flanagan have been tweeting from the set, and Brook tweeted this amazing picture of herself in a skintight leather slut-combat-suit. With two of the most hilarious-looking "turtle heads" you've ever seen. (Update: Apparently it's a TV series. Check out the totally batshit trailer below.)

Here's the full image:

Brook also tweeted: "Still on set stunt training been here hours Shall I tell them now I will never be convincing holding a gun?" And she tweeted at Eli Roth: "Shooting live action version of French Comic Heavy Metal you would so dig this shizzle."


Meanwhile, Flanigan tweeted: "Fighting Turtle Sapiens outside of Brussels with @IAMKELLYBROOK. Who said Halloween isn't real? Call it Heavy Metal."

Update: Apparently this is an ongoing TV series, which will feature Flanigan as well as James Marsters. Plus Rutger Hauer, as people have been pointing out in comments. Here's the teaser trailer, which we missed the other day. (Via Bleeding Cool).

Here's another set pic which Brook tweeted:

And a relevant page from Heavy Metal which Flanigan tweeted:

So.... do you think we'll be seeing this Heavy Metal adaptation on Syfy soon? Meanwhile, I guess Robert Rodriguez is still working on his anthology movie version, as we reported back in July.