Last night's crazy Halloween debauch marked the end of our annual io9 Halloween Costume Show. You guys really outdid yourselves this year. Damn! Check out the standouts from the weekend.

You posted a ton of other incredible costumes in our Flickr gallery, so go check them out. Missed out? There's always next year, plus you can keep posting your pictures on the io9 Halloween Costume Show on Flickr.


At the top, we've got a huge number of X-Men. Well done, everybody. From gildat20.

Elizsross is an awesome Leela, and has already attracted at least one Nibbler.

Ziva is the Hideous She-Beast in this portrait by Buxtrosion.

Also from Buxtrosion, the female Doctor that legions of Doctor Who fans have always craved!

An incredible home-made Rocketeer costume from Hefnatron.

A sweded Hellboy costume from Jason Welborn. Nice.

A great Tintin look from TomSkylark2.

Well, hellooooo sexy Robin. Thanks for the beefcakey version of Batman's boy, abetterson89!

Axe-Cop with Lemon and Uni-Avocado Soldier! Too cool, Guy.Paquin!

It's Candyland's Lord Licorice, the way you probably never imagined, from jkrisdel!

And now for a zombie you weren't expecting - Kurt Cobain, complete with BRAINZ. Very thoroughly rendered, Bentley3man.

Yet another unexpected zombie! It's Janeway, gone to the undead side. Brilliant, firecrackerrrr!