Halloween just finished up, but Batman's already getting ready for X-Mas. Also, Uncanny X-Men starts at #1 and Hellboy takes up Mexican wrestling. It's Comics We Crave, liking the feel of the bass in your face in the crowd.

First Issues

If you're looking for a wacky science fiction take on the marital culture wars, there's Sam Humphries' Our Love Is Real, a critically acclaimed indie book about futuristic romances between humans, plantsexuals, and crystals.

Marvel's releasing Fear Itself #7.1 — a story that focuses on the death of Bucky Barnes — and Andy Diggle's weird western Six Guns. Finally, Kieron Gillen's penning the first issue of a rebooted Uncanny X-Men, and you can read our interview with him about that here.

Grab Bag

Here are some books we've previewed lately and/or conducted interviews about: Animal Man (interview with Jeff Lemire about that here), Red Lanterns (preview here), Crysis (preview here), and Image's Last of the Greats (interview with author Joshua Hale Fialkov here).

There are also new issues of Action Comics, Infinite Vacation, The Boys, OMAC, Invincible, Swamp Thing, American Vampire, Witch Doctor, and Sweet Tooth, Avengers 1959, Snarked, and Irredeemable.

Graphic Novels

Three original graphic novels out this week are worth a peep. Hellboy: House Of The Living Dead is illustrated by Richard Corben and features our hero becoming a luchador to deal with his sadness. Like all good grief therapy treatments, this inevitably leads to a wrestling match with Frankenstein.


The second book is Batman: Noel, a Gotham City take on Charles Dickens that features hyper-detailed artwork by Joker illustrator Lee Bermejo (who we'll be talking with later this week). Finally, there's A Flight of Angels, a Vertigo book showcasing the artwork of fantasy artist Rebecca Guay, who lends her visuals to holy-host-themed stories by writers like Bill Willingham.

A couple new collected editions are on the stands, such as Absolute Sandman (Volume 5), Powers (Volume 3), League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Omnibus Edition (which compiles the first Wildstorm two arcs), and the hardcover edition of Joe The Barbarian.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang!