WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 10/29-10/30 | Zombie Iron Man from the Paris Zombie Walk. Photo by Allaunay.

Read an exclusive preview of Red Lanterns, starring the Green Lanterns' blood-vomiting rivals!

If the Green Lanterns are too goody two-shoe for your tastes, then their blood-spewing (and blood-spilling) nemeses the Red Lanterns may be more your speed. DC Comics has given us an exclusive sneak peek at the next issue of Red Lanterns, featuring some wild-eyed, revenge-drunk space aliens! More »

On Saturday Morning Cartoons, the X-Men go anime and Batman gets (comedy) roasted!

You were at a Halloween party last night. That's cool, we've got you covered. In this week's installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons, we'll take a look at new episodes of Thundercats, Clone Wars, X-Men Anime, and more! More »

Every single time Kurt Russell acted confused in Big Trouble In Little China

Two weeks ago, I was watching Big Trouble In Little China with my brother, who hadn't seen the movie in years. "Man," he noted. "Kurt Russell really loves shouting nonsense at no one in particular." More »

Gaze into the soulless, dead eyes of baby Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker dolls

I'm not sure what compels amateur Geppettos to construct infantilized incarnations of say, Lord Voldemort, but hey, the world is a weird place. Right now, somebody is eagerly filling their entire Netflix queue with every episode of Home Improvement. It's happening, trust me. More »

A cartoon essay that explores why we love to be scared

As comic essayist Lucy Knisley prepares to head to a haunted house, she begins to consider the role of horror in our lives, the comfort of safe scares, and the real-life fears that go deeper than supernatural terrors. More »

A dozen last-minute science fiction Halloween costumes (for the truly costumeless)

It's almost Halloween, and you don't want to simply wear a t-shirt, alienate your friends, or buy a craptacularly slutty store-bought costume that will drop $30 come All Saints' Day. Good for you! The only problem is that daylight's burning, and you can't waste the last 72 hours of Halloween shenanigans on elaborate pageantry. More »

How to make your own Vigo The Carpathian painting using XBox Kinect

Sunlight Labs recently gave io9 the heads up about this groovy motion-sensing Vigo the Carpathian painting they constructed using XBox Kinect. You can find the technical info on how to build your own Scourge of Carpathia here. More »

Man accused of bestiality blames crime on shapeshifting prostitute

Last Sunday, Zimbabwean police found a 28-year-old man in flagrante delicto with a donkey in the town of Zvishavane. When pressed for a rationale, the man offered up that which can only be described as your typical True Blood subplot More »

On Supernatural, black goo is running in the streets of Doppleganger City

On last night's Supernatural, which was inexplicably named "Slash Fiction," the leviathans continued their mission to snuff out the Winchesters - this time, by posing as Sam and Dean and going totally Pulp Fiction in a series of deadly robberies. And they weren't the only ones getting up close and dirty with their doubles. Spoilers ahead! More »

In 1987, Max Headroom interrupted a Doctor Who broadcast for a spanking

On November 22, 1987, Chicago-area Doctor Who fans experienced a crossover with Max Headroom that would go down in the history books. The only problem? More »

Behold the terrifying claws of Mars

This Halloween eve, look upon in horror at the mark of a strange and terrible beast that roams the plains of the red planet. What horrible monster could leave such an eerie footprint? More »

Alien ice cube trays allow you to put some H.R. Giger in your piña colada

Do you prefer your scotch neat or with an extremely phallic xenomorph skull? If the answer is in the affirmative, then these ice cube trays by Japanese modelmakers Kotobukiya really belong in your freezer. Click on the lower-right of the above image for the veiny detail. More »

Asteroid Lutetia is the first pristine relic of a failed planet

The asteroid belt is full of remnants of the ancient solar system, giant clumps of rock that might have formed a planet under different circumstances. Now we've found the first asteroid that's exactly how it was billions of years ago. More »

Puss, Boots, BDSM, and the Plutonic Ideal

The new Dreamworks Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots is about a cat and a hat and is really kind of meritless, unless you're a member of fursuit fandom who can only appreciate Salma Hayek when she's a sultry tabby. More »