We're nearing the end of our annual io9 Halloween Costume Show, and you all look seriously hot. Check out some of the standouts from this week's batch, and post your own!

You posted a ton of other incredible costumes in our Flickr gallery, so go check them out. We'll post another round of costume standouts on Tuesday after Halloween. Show us your best costumes over the weekend! You can post your pictures on the io9 Halloween Costume Show on Flickr.

Above, you can see Frodo leaving the Shire, by Lia Parisi.

This is the Amazing Bagman, posted by the Dork Knight. Do you know what comic he appeared in?


Two-Face, done very well indeed. Also from Dork Knight.


Pretty adorable. Amelia Pond and Cybergirl, from glchill.

Lego Star Trek. Nicely done, Dengue Survivor.


Rawrr! It's the early 1990s-style Catwoman, done up to the nines by (who else?) Pawprint29.