Why feature a boring ordinary Jack O'Lantern, when you can confront trick-or-treaters with Khan? Or a Xenomorph? Or the incredible cuteness of Totoro? Here are some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy icons, immortalized as glowing pumpkins, to help inspire your own Halloween decorations.

Additional reporting by Sophie Bushwick

Totoro pumpkin, via Animation Roller Coaster.

Remote-Controlled Dalek Lantern — which actually works! Details, including video and instructions, at Evil Mad Scientist. Via SF Signal.

Death Star in mid-strike, via Phoenix New Times

Iron Man pumpkin, via Instructables

Alien Pumpkin, via Pumpkin Gutter

Yoda, via Pumpkin Gutter

MST3K pumpkin, via Warming Glow

Mars Attacks pumpkin, via The Torch Online

Gollum pumpkin, via The Torch Online

OOD PUMPKIN!!! via DeanoSidwell on Deviant Art

Clone Trooper pumpkin via RJCIRutter on Deviant Art

Hunger Games District 11 pumpkin, via BCTrumpeteer on Deviant Art

Bender Pumpkin by Radioactive Glowstick, via Smosh

Brock Samson, by Chrome Goddess on Deviant Art

Turret pumpkin, via Ceemdee on Deviant Art

Darth Vader, via Pumpkin Gutter

Gremlin, via Spider.Dog on Flickr

Stormtrooper, Batman and friend... via The Bywaters on Flickr.

Muppet Pumpkins (Mumpkins?) — a "Mahna Mahna" Snowth and Animal. Via Brooke Duckart on Flickr.

Admiral Ackbar, via Pumpkin Gutter

Greedo, via Pumpkin Gutter

Alien via Pumpkin Gutter

Bender, via Amplified Stories of Interest

Spidey, via Amplified Stories of Interest

Xenomorph, via Pumpkin Gutter

Khan, via The Pumpkin Geek

Locutus of Borg, via The Pumpkin Geek

Gul Dukat, via The Pumpkin Geek

Catwoman via The Pumpkin Geek

Master Chief Helmet, via Bonus-Level.com

Charizard, via Bonus-Level.com