We've seen sex-swapped incarnations of the X-Men before, but Deviant Artist Timberoo is devoted to giving almost every X-Men — no matter how obscure — the Victor Victoria routine. Let's kick off these creative offerings with He-Dazzler, who I imagine would look a lot more like Cerrone or Giorgio Moroder in real life.

And here's Rogue, modeling the latest in Savage Land loincloths.

Incidentally, there was a female version of Shatterstar at one point. Thanks, Amalgam Comics!

Incidentally, female Colossus too has been done before.

Wolverinette? Sheverine? Wolverfemme? Weapon XX? The options are limitless.

Male Storm comes from an alternate reality where mutants aren't "feared and loathed," they're "endeared and boned."

Emmett Frost doesn't have any psychic powers. He just hypnotizes you with beefcake.

Male Polaris' outfit is way more stylish than that proposed by comics.

If I were He-Shadowcat, I'd ask my colleagues to call me ShadowWildcat. You can see more sex-swapped X-Men (Warpath! Domino!) at Timberoo's Deviant Art page.

[CBR via Zombie Toenails via Brian Moylan]