We've seen Little Nemo's encounters with H.R. Giger, but what precipitated when he crossed path with Warren Ellis? As part of Ellis' Whitechapel redesign contests (previously: 1, 2, 3, 4), author Si Spurrier challenged illustrators to give Winsor McCay's drowsy cartoon hero from the early 1900s a bizarre makeover. As evinced from the top artwork by Axel Medellin, things got incredibly weird fast. You can find more artwork from the competition here.

Neil Struthers: "Here, Nemo is the son of a junkie—a mother who is often affectionate but thoroughly unfit, very much in the grip of addiction. In his dreams she is both the monster and the princess he fights to rescue."

By Paul Sizer.

By David Bednarski.

By -3-.

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