We're in the middle of our annual io9 Halloween Costume Show, and everybody is already outdoing themselves. Check out some of the standouts from this week's batch, and post your own!

You posted a ton of other incredible costumes in our Flickr gallery, so go check them out! We'll post another round of costume standouts this Friday, and again next Tuesday after Halloween. Show us your best from year's past or give us a peek at what you're planning this year. Visit and post to the io9 Halloween Costume Show on Flickr.

Shiny! It's the complete and full view of Kaylee's Shindig Ballgown. This is one for the ages. Thanks for sharing it, lilacwire!

She lost her head. Serious creepiness from krpykrwly.

These aren't the droids you're looking for . . . unless what you want is total baby Jedi cuteness! From wmszeto

Kurt Thomas Hunt wears a Walking Dead spoiler! At least he was kind enough to give us a spoiler alert.

We are utterly delighted by Clara and Amy's Cocktail Party Dalek and Cyberwoman, posted by Ellis Belle.

Wow - this is an amazing C3P0 costume, oblagon!