"Inflatable Tauntaun" costume

Green Lantern Kilowog Deluxe (high-price!) costume

Green Lantern Sinestro Deluxe costume

Green Lantern Tomar-Re Deluxe costume

Red Skull Plus Size costume

Captain America costume


Thor deluxe (non-cheap) costume


Tron Legacy!

Red Mist from Kick-Ass

Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes teenage costume

The Walking Dead zombie

The Walking Dead patient

The Comedian from Watchmen — allegedly new for 2011.

Marvin the Martian


Megatron — previous to this year, there were only women's Transformers costumes, for some reason.

And here's Bumblebee for men.

Lion-O from Thundercats!

Rock-em Sock-em Robots

Rock-em Sock-em Robots!

Darth Maul

Clone Wars Clone Trooper


Steampunk General

"Sir Steampunk." Somebody should buy this costume and wear it to a steampunk gathering. And film people's reactions.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Zombie Ninja! Wait, what?