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This week on A Gifted Man, people save lives with a few honest talks and perform heart surgeries with using a speculum as a rib-spreader. Also there's a ghost for two minutes. She sees Mike naked. Weird episode.

Eriq La Salle — the ass of a head surgeon on ER — is an very much non-ass of a sports medicine doctor on last night's episode, "In Case of Loss of Control." He's coming to consult for Mike, because Mike wants to be better at sports (in between being the best neurosurgeon in New York and working at a free clinic, of course).


It turns out that Mike's scared! I wonder why? I don't even like when people knock on my front door when I'm not expecting them. A ghost who openly watches me naked (which Jennifer Ehle gets to do in this episode), would make me into a wreck.

Meanwhile at the pricey clinic, a high school girl named Monica is having "spells." I like this old-fashioned word, and I like that Mike's athletic ability and her "spells" tie together when she has a seizure, so Mike sweeps her up into his arms and runs her to a diagnostic room. I'm going to have to refrain, with difficulty, from calling Mike "Rhett" for the rest of the episode.

Mike diagnoses her with a "mini-stroke," which he says can be brought on by cocaine use or methamphetamines. He says this while her dad is right there in the room, which reminds me of the time I was a teenager. A doctor — who was running down a list of things to ask me at a check-up — went right into asking me if I could be pregnant. The doctor then looked up at my father (who was still in the room) asked him to leave and then asked me if I could be pregnant again. Smooth, Rhett. Smooth.


The girl denies drug use, but her father gets crazy-eyes for a second. Her father catches Mike out in the hall. Seems she did do cocaine, just after her mother died of lupus or something. Also, it seems she's given up the cello, bombed her SATs, and broken up with her boyfriend. To his credit, the dad isn't angry with her so much as he's concerned.

Eriq La Salle — who's name is "Emo" on this episode — is asked to figure out what's going on, since he became a sports medicine doctor with degrees in both neurology and neuro-psychiatry. I can only assume the money is good. He proves he's not worth it when he asks the girl if she smokes...right in front of her father. Seriously, guys, even my GP's assistant understood that you had to get the parents out of the room to ask stuff like that, and he sweat like crazy all the way through the interview! Get it together! Finally he does, and asks the father to leave. The girl says he can stay. All through this, they have a continuing battle about whether or not she can use her phone to text her friends.

Turns out she's on birth control, smokes, and is seeing a guy from the wrong side of the tracks — two of these things put her at risk for strokes. Mike is actually surprised by this, presumably because he was too busy doctoring and winning at sports to watch any of the six thousand ripped-from-the-headlines Law & Order episodes that showcased the depravity of modern youth.

This situation is resolved by...telling the kid to stop doing the birth control and telling her to be honest with her dad.

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Back at Clinica Sanando things are awesome! Dr. Kate (the hot blonde), has secured enough grant money to expand it, Anton the Shaman is fixing the place up, and Dr. Zeke (thus far an unimportant do-gooder) is still an unimportant do-gooder. But now he's in a band named "The Credible Hulk." That pun alone earns him a mention.


Also, a little boy is sick and passes out. It turns out he has a nasty version of E. Coli, and his mother has a nastier case of being dragged right off the goddamn street and deported. Just before she gets in a police car, she says that the boy, David, is at school and not with her. Zeke and Kate, because they're very compassionate but also dumb, lie and say she came to the clinic alone. Then they even get dumber and take this kid to Mike's clinic while telling Mike precisely none of this.

When Mike finds out about this, because the kid needs a kidney from the mom. Mike's actually more angry that they lied than that they made him an accessory to a bunch of different crimes. It's like the show goes out of its way to show that Mike is a better person than all the do-gooders. This horrible, unsolvable, illegal situation is resolved by...them just asking the immigration officers to get the mom back and let them do a kidney transplant.

And then everything was perfect with about ten minutes left in the episode — so the girl's prep-school boyfriend who she dropped shows up, whines about her not loving him, and shoots her in the chest. The three docs, Zeke, Kate, and Mike, all get together and do an impromptu heart surgery in about five minutes with whatever they have on hand. This is like Doctor MacGyver.


Then we find out that Kate is married and the episode just ends. It just...ends. Like I said, weird episode.