Hoping to find a timely Halloween costume this year — but not interested in being the 20th Nyan Cat at the same office party? Then try on these outfits for size. We've collected over a dozen great ideas for timely and exciting science fiction and fantasy costumes.

Hipster Ariel!

We all fell in love with the Hipster Ariel's harsh tongue this year, "You've got a Hot Crustacean Band? How embarrassing for you?" Now it's time to dust off this Internet Meme, and take her out for a spin in the real world.

Image taken via Traci Hines the real life Little Mermaid!

Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos

Don a black sweat suit with dotted lines running across your body and a pair of tennis shoes. Pose for pictures like The Flash. Slap on a "Hello My Name Is FTL Neutrino" nametag, and you're done. Bonus points for getting a friend to dress up as Albert Einstein and follow you around with a giant arrow that says "LIAR."

Terrible Eric
All you need is a cut-off blue sweatshirt, a pair of basketball shorts and a terrible Mommy fetish. Run around the party asking people to hold you and then cry tears of blood. They'll get it.

Civil War Vampire Nic Cage and Time Traveling John Travolta

Put on some old-timey suits, and run around screaming Face/Off quotes at each other. Bonus points if you make a cardboard computer screen with the ebay page to frame yourself in for pictures. Triple bonus points if you paint your face and clothes in the monochrome style of each picture.

The Walken Dead
Zombie make-up, Christopher Walken quotes, and WOW!

Put on a nude bodystocking, a plastic face mask and a bald cap — and you can be Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In. Also you can congratulate yourself on having the most obscure costume out of all of your friends.

The Kurt Russell Collective
Can't pick one Kurt Russell character to dress up as? Then gather your friends and dress up as them all! This updates your look from just another person dressed up as Snake Plissken, to a highly organized cosplay collection.

Sexy Glow In The Dark Cat
Upgrade the classic (and boring) sexy cat to the much more fascinating glow-in-the-dark-kitty!

Anyone from Archer, anyone. It's the best new animated show on television (apart from Adventure Time) and it deserves your costume love. Plus we guarantee you'll meet only the best folks wearing ISIS gear, think of it as a litmus test for friendship.

Mariachi Band Serenading a Beluga Whale

One friend is a Beluga Whale, while the rest of you are a rocking Mariachi Band. Just make sure the person dressed as the whale bobs their head accordingly.

Via Huffington Post

The Misfits

Celebrate the anniversary of Jem not by dressing up as the kind-hearted computerized Pop star. Rather, celebrate Jem by dressing up like her enemies the Misfits, the girls who tried to blow up Jem's house. They had better outfits anyways.

Hipster Thundercats

Ok, ok I know it's our second "hipsterfied" version of something in this list, but we really do think horrible hipster versions of things are the new gender swapped or zombie costumes. Also, I desperately want to see pictures of this. Please make my Halloween dream come true!

Image via Deviant Artist Zano.