If you have to go to work, at least you don't have to do it alone. You can surround yourself with science fiction and fantasy icons, thanks to a nearly endless supply of cool crafts and merch on the internet.

Here are some of our favorite geektastic belt buckles, cufflinks, USB hubs, mugs and random decorations to help make your workspace into a place of awesomeness.

Apple Device Charging Dock by woodguy32

Boba Fett 4GB Flash Drive by OffTheCuff2010

Cyberman Cookie Jar by Play

Recycled Circuit Board Desk Clock by DebbyAremDesigns

Laptop Hard Drive Desk Clock by TECOART

ECTO-1 4GB Flash Drive by dhhdesign

Gallifreyan Time Lord Earrings by JezebelCharms

Godzilla Belt Buckle by reganflegan

NES Controler 32GB Flash Drive by 8BitMemory

NES Super Mario 500GB Hard Drive by 8BitMemory

Parasaurolophus Planter

Lightsaber Desk Lamp by ThinkGeek

Ray Gun Belt Buckle by reganflegan

Copper and Gears 4GB Flash Drive by DragonflyInk

Lego Star Wars Mini Alarm Clocks by ThinkGeek

Tardis Mug by Play

8GB Glowing Quartz Steampunk Flash Drive by steamworkshop

Victorian Keyboard and Mouse by woodguy32

Xbox Controller Cufflinks by BohemeanCraftsody