What is Terra Nova hiding from you? What seems to be a simple habitat of time-traveling scientists trying to save future Earth and fight off dinosaurs might actually be something much more complicated. At least that's what was hinted at the New York Comic Con Terra Nova panel.

Today at NYCC, executive producer Brannon Braga and leads Stephen Lang (Commander Nathaniel Taylor) and Jason O'Mara (gun-slinging time-traveler Jim Shannon) took the stage to screen next Monday's episode and answer questions. The episode was about a feral little girl with a giant wig and a wily temper who charms the good townspeople of Terra Nova, much to the dismay of all the Mad Maxian Sixers. Charlie Jane will have the full recap on Tuesday which you will be able to find right here. But I would like to put in my own two cents and say that Commander Taylor's dinosaur head desk is both glorious and ridiculous. Moving on.

After the screening, the trio took questions from conventionauts. They teased at what we all want to know — "What's REALLY going on at Terra Nova?" The producer slyly admitted, "Something else is afoot. Clearly it has something to do with the year the pilgrims came from. It's nothing good, but you'll have to keep watching to find out what happens. What I find interesting about Mira is that she's not so different in her motivations as the Shannon family, she just wants a better life for her family. "

But where does that leave the Commander and Jim? O'Mara elaborated that right now (or after Monday's episode) he doesn't know who to believe anymore. How much of what Mira revealed to him were lies? It will introduce an interesting dynamic between the two men.

Lang kept the tension going, "We're going to spill the beans in a very slow and methodical way and maintain a mystery," he explained. "I've said it before, Taylor is very pure of heart. Any mistakes he made would be for what he deemed the best intentions. Is he a villain or is he a victim?" In short, answers were promised by the end of the season, but these answers may only lead to more questions.


Perhaps the best question came from one fan who really wanted to know how a log fence (that's set up around Terra Nova) kept the dinosaurs out. Lang explained, through sarcastically gritted teeth, "It dissuades a whole lot of creatures from just lumbering through, and also we've got the sonic cannons. Mister M. Emmet Walsh." Blade Runner jokes, he gets us!

What else do we have to look forward to this season? BABY DINOSAURS! O'Mara described one upcoming scene where the cast got to act with a robot baby dinosaur hatching out of the egg. Yes, he knew it was a very Jurassic Park moment, but that's what makes it cool! Also, there will be dragonfly chase at one point. Why? "Because it's...important," hinted Lang.

Lang also addressed a question I've long held — did he think he was being typecast in Terra Nova thanks to his performance in Avatar? "I've played all kinds of things and at this point in my career if I'm being type cast as a charismatic silver fox macho old guy? I can deal with that."


Lang briefly but beautifully discussed his work on The Amazing Panda adventure. Fast fact, Verne Troyer was actually a panda in that movie (pre-Mini-Me days) and Lang threw him, at least that's what he said at the panel.

Top image via Metal Ship.