Given that the Smurfs have become the pint-sized cerulean emissaries for everything that is wrong with the world, it's unsurprising that their oxygen-starved countenance is being lent to crimes of dipsomaniac passion.

Last Halloween in Galway, Ireland, a six-foot-tall Smurf impersonator (i.e. Smurfsonator) with "amorous intentions" taught an unwitting stranger the horrors of cosplay:

Plastered in blue paint the 19-year-old Smurf had decided to finish off the Halloween celebrations by making a romantic visit to a special someone, however, his amourous intentions only succeeded in attracting the attention of blue uniforms after he stumbled into the wrong house, startling the sleeping male occupant.

The booty-calling Smurf was forced to pony up €300 in damages, but the tenant's psychological thrashing was presumably incalculable.

[Galway Advertiser via Fortean Times — image via ici.maribou.2008]