We love to imagine crossovers in which our favorite heroes and monsters from different storylines meet up — but it's even better when science fiction and fantasy collide. Magic and high technology! Space and the uncanny realms! Lightsabers and sorcery!

Here are some of our favorite bits of fan art that mash together science fiction and fantasy.

Top image: The Pirates of Kashyyyk by andyjhunter on DeviantArt

How Nostalgic by Sleepar on DeviantArt

Lord of the Stars by NireTheLycan on DeviantArt

Speed King of Angmar by ferret42 on DeviantArt

Stroll on Tatooine by UlisesFarinas on DeviantArt

Star Wars and Dr. Seuss page25 by Adam Watson

Darth Valice in Wonderland by Thumper-001 on DeviantArt

Oz Wars by DenisM79 on DeviantArt

Smugglers of the Labyrinth by James Hance

Game of Clones by Dave Styer, via his store

I am Anthony Stark by Michael Dialynas

The Doctor's Angel by nursethalia on DeviantArt

Ultimate Staring Contest by Yosb

BLIND? by Doodle-Master on DeviantArt

Harry Potter - Dr Who by andyjhunter on DeviantArt

Time Story by James Hance

Star Wars - Pirates of the Caribbean for Draw2d2