Last year, The Walking Dead deviated massively from Robert Kirkman's comic book source material — ending in a giant CG fireball. But will the new season adhere to the original work? Here are a few comic book clues we picked up in the trailers, clips and promo shots! BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.

First, you can clearly see that the group gets stranded on the highway and encounters its first walker herd — something the reader didn't knew existed until way in the future, when things are colossally different for the group. While this doesn't come for months and months for the gang in the books, we're really happy to see it make an appearance in the TV show sooner, because you gotta respect the herd.

Hershel Greene
Possibly the biggest addition to the cast thus far. Played by Scott Wilson, Hershel is a hell of a character, and a valuable asset to the group with his functioning farm and vet skills. Still, the man is a bit of an idealist when it comes to saving the decomposing flesh of zombies everywhere. Which puts the group at great risk.

The Farm
Many folks involved with the TV series have stated that quite a few episodes take place on Hershel's farm (here's a side-by-side shot so you can see how expansive it is). But as to why our survivors find themselves stuck on this farm, that's simple.

Carl Attack
Because Carl gets shot.

By Otis, played by Pruitt Taylor Vince. Otis lands a bullet right inside baby Grimes, and immediately escorts Rick to Hershel's home so he can operate on him. Does he survive? Well, you'll have to wait to find that out.

Also on the farm is easily the most infuriating character in the whole of the Walking Dead comic book series (I say the comic book, because Merle has nabbed that crown for the TV show). Patricia is as dumb as a bag of hammers. All she does is cause grief for the group and make terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decisions. She's worse than Lori. But every group needs a fuck-up — welcome to the gang, Partricia.

Maggie Greene
Infinitely less annoying is Herschel's pony-riding daughter Maggie, played by Supernatural all star Lauren Cohan. This character is around for the long haul and experiences all different wonders and horrors living in the Walking Dead world. And yes, she is Glenn's main squeeze in the comics and the show creators have hinted that they'll carry over that storyline in the show as well. You gotta have some light in the darkness.

More Greenes?

These two production stills were released from the 6th episode, we're not exactly sure who these characters are, but we're betting that's Lacey Greene and Billy Greene (or some combination of the Greene family leftovers). The hat and gloves give it away that they work on the farm, and they're fairly young, which is perfect for these characters. Billy is such a hot head teen who never really thinks before he acts until it's way too late. Could be fun to infuse some teenagers into this gang of sexually repressed 30-somethings.

New Romance?
This recent clip that shows a scene between Andrea and Dale reveals two important plot points (and perhaps one change for the character). Andrea is pissed, because Dale wouldn't let her suicide herself in peace. And now they're bickering like an old married couple, which isn't too far off from what these two become in the comic (just not married)...

As you can see here.

But what this scene also reveals is a bit of a change in Andrea's attitude — she's got a mean death wish, and now everyone is feeling responsible for her being alive (Dale won't give her a gun because he's afraid she'll put it in her mouth). This is very Allen-esque from the books. I wonder if Andrea will be shouldering Allen's depression plot line throughout this season? Hope not — she's more fun when she's a bad ass.

And that's all we could spot, for now. Let us know in the comments if we missed a clue!

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