The director behind classics such as Total Recall and Starship Troopers thinks all science fiction movies should be converted into 3D.

In an interview with 3D Focus Verhoeven said:

"I think all science fiction could be converted, because there are so many visuals and it is so much about the spectacle that you can do that. Science fiction is about worlds you don't know and worlds you can create like in Avatar."

He adds that 3D will one day be "as normal as colour." We disagree, but that's because we value our non-headache movie screening time more and more. But that's just us. Verhoeven even surmises that if he could have filmed Starship Troopers in 3D, he could have made the movie "more dynamic" and "provided a greater sense of threat".

While Avatar is a great example of a wonderful and completely immersive 3D world, for each movie where 3D works, there's a Clash Of The Titans or Last Airbender right behind it.