Killing off Darth Maul in the The Phantom Menace probably wasn't the best idea, especially when Lucas and Co. spent the greater part of the film building up the Sith, only to have him sliced in half. But true Star Wars fans know that this wasn't really the end of Darth Maul. And now the Clone Wars TV series has found a way to bring him back from his early grave.

That last we'd heard from Darth Maul, he showed up at the Lars farmstead with robot legs and a desire to kill Obi-Wan, but it didn't end well. Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Maul will also be making an appearance in the Clone Wars, and hopefully they'll explain better how exactly he survived. If you want to see a quick shot of the Clone Wars' CG rendering of the evil Sith assassin, check out this video.


Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni explained to EW that while Maul is back, they're keeping this character's journey under wraps (he did hint that the Sith will probably be pretty pissed at Obi-Wan, clearly).

"Here, we're moving forward with Maul," Filoni says. "He's more than ten years older than he was in The Phantom Menace. That's immensely satisfying, because now nobody knows what's going to happen to him. I know, but nobody else does."

Should be interesting.