Xenomorphs are the (giant, deadly, and acid-filled) cockroaches of the universe, so it's no surprise they've encountered such famous superheroes as Batman and Green Lantern. Here are ten occasions the Aliens invaded someone else's franchise.

10.) Alien Vs. Predator Vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger (1994)
Chances are if you didn't see the AVP films, you intentionally avoided them to keep your fuzzy memories of xenomorphs and Yautja unsullied. But unbeknownst to many, the Aliens met the Predator way back in the early 1990s in the awesome Alien Vs. Predator arcade game. Curiously enough, the once-muddy Dutch teams up with Predators, but is now sporting a natty cybernetic shell.

9.) Green Lantern Vs. Aliens (2000)
In this non-canonical comic book crossover, both Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner investigate infestations of xenomorphs at different times in their careers as space cops.

Weirdly enough, this comic killed off Green Lantern stalwart Salaak, which is the equivalent of a Superman Vs. Aliens comic having someone like Perry White offed by a chestburster. I'd love to see a xenomorph scream, "Great Caesar's Ghost!"

8.) Superman/Aliens (1995, 2002)
Speaking of which, Superman did meet the Aliens! In the first series, Superman/Aliens Superman finds a lost Kryptonian city — conveniently cloistered away from Earth's nourishing yellow sun — but everyone there has been infected with chestbursters. Truly a disappointing family reunion. The sequel, Superman/Aliens 2: God War, sees Darkseid weaponizing the xenomorphs for his Apokoliptan army.

7.) Batman/Aliens (1998, 2003)
Batman's met the Aliens twice while flying solo. I particularly loved Ian Edginton's absoludicrously batshit Batman/Aliens 2.


In this comic, a sexy immortal homo-xenomorph hybrid creates sentient genetic clones of Gotham's rogues gallery and Aliens. Batman battles xenomorphized versions of villains like Joker, Poison Ivy, Two Face, and Scarecrow. Unfortunately for everyone, nobody can control the mindless Killer Croc hybrid. Highly recommended if you can track it down. [Scan via Monsters and Beasts]

6.) Batman: Dead End (2003)
This eight-minute Batman Versus Aliens Versus Predator fan movie gained a strong internet following after it was screened at Comic-Con a few years back. The Joker was played by Andrew Koenig, the late son of Walter Koenig.

5.) Judge Dredd vs. Aliens (2003)
You know the formula by now. Aliens end up in Mega-City One, infect a bunch of people, and are killed with gusto by Judge Dredd. The world keeps on turning, blah blah blah, everything's totally zarjaz.

4.) Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator (2007)
In the fantastic 1991 miniseries Batman Vs. Predator, Batman beats the Predator by the skin of his teeth using a baseball bat. In this comic, he packs his anti-Predator vest and (presumably his finest In Living Color era dance moves) to recruit the Yautja into defeating the xenomorphs.

3.) Aliens/Predator/Witchblade/The Darkness: Mindhunter (2000)
Man, the early 2000s were certainly saturated with Alien crossovers comics. Someday, a grad student somewhere will plot the collapse of the "Xenomorph Comic Crossover" bubble.


Anyway, at a certain point the titles of these crossovers became so unwieldy that the writers would tack on an unrelated coda phrase. I would've named this comic Aliens/Predator/Witchblade/The Darkness: The Cupcake Gang.

2.) Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator (2000)
Dark Horse Comics really went kitchen sink with this miniseries. This comic book took place after Alien Resurrection. Clone Ripley returns to Earth, only to find that Skynet sleeper agents (left over from the War of the Machines) are creating Terminator super-soldiers. Also, a Predator is en route to fight the Terminators for laughs. Then a Terminator Alien happens, and everybody dies. This is storytelling à la Voltron. [Scan via Master]

1.) WildC.A.T.s/Aliens (1998)
Why is this the best Alien crossover comic ever published? Because it's canonical! In this one-shot comic, writer Warren Ellis needed to pare down the roster of his gritty superhero series Stormwatch prior to relaunching it as The Authority.


To achieve this, Ellis had the xenormorphs kill off almost all of Stormwatch off-panel. Indeed, the WildC.A.T.s only real role in this comic was to discover Stormwatch's chest-bursted corpses. Truly some of the most ignominious/hilarious superhero deaths ever committed to paper.

Honorable Mention: The Star Wars xenomorph.