You've seen The Avengers brand new trailer, now it's time to dissect each frame and squeeze out all the superheroic goodies. Why is Loki getting arrested? Are those alien space ships? What's with the lasers? Check out our trailer breakdown now.

A threat from above? Cops, civilians and the national guard raises their eyes and guns to the sky.

Meanwhile Loki stands alone amidst the shambles of some dark set. Is that a glimpse of the infamous Loki horned helmet? Most likely, yes.

Looks like Loki has gone full blown crazy. He jumps in the air (and is presumably captured, 'cause later on we seem him getting escorted away. Also it looks like he was playing with the cosmic cube in an earlier shot, did anyone catch the glowing blue thing hovering round his chest. This would make sense as a Loki-controlled Erik Selvig was seen in the Thor after-credits scene ogling the cube and its unlimited power. If he is in fact messing with the cube, this also reinforces the rumors that the Skrulls will come to Earth (one of the alien developers of the Cube).

Meanwhile the Earth is still under attack. LOTS OF EXPLOSIONS. Remember director Joss Whedon promised he was going to BLOW SHIT UP? Boom, there you have it.

Meanwhile a helicopter glides into a very busy base. "Everyone, act busy — Fury's coming!"

First good Nick Fury shot (still haven't seen Agent Coulson's face yet, just the back of his head through various scenes). Fury narrates, "There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people so that when we needed them they could fight the battles that we never could." And of course he's talking about...

Captain America (check out his new suit).

Hulk (look at Hulk's sad home).

Thor (who apparently found a way back to Earth).

Black Widow.


And Iron Man.

Snuck inside that quick cut of the newly assembled heroes was one shot of Loki, presumably getting arrested. Here he is being carted away... but with a knowing smile.

Also we noticed quite a few jets flying around NYC, none of these are similar to the Skrull ships we've seen in these behind the scene videos and photos. But it's still very early.

Captain America and Iron Man together and looking a little beaten down. This is the first time I've seen them both in their costumes next to each other. It's great.

Inside Avengers HQ, you can see plenty of touch screens and a bit of alien tech in the front. What is that glowing contraption? Later on you see Loki wielding it — a Cosmic Cube-holder? Also is that a scan of a Skrull ship behind Thor's shoulder?

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers start bickering.

Thor smiles.

Nick Fury with a rocket launcher.

Hawkeye does a sick slide on a patch of pavement to avoid motherfucking LASERS. Clearly from aliens.

Black Widow executes her crotch-to-face punch, this time in a dress! Also whose lair is this? It's a warehouse with a chandelier — oh, you hipster villains.

Thor attacks Captain America, or Skrull Captain America?

Avengers headquarters is bombed.

Loki grabs Tony by the throat.

Loki's got his weapon back.

First ever look at the new Hulk.

And Coulson in the background.