Refined ladies, old-fashioned palm-dancing, picnics, gossip and time travel! Are you ready for Nora Ephron's Jane Austen movie?

Ephron, who wrote When Harry Met Sally and Julie & Julia, is attached to help remake the British mini series about time traveling with Jane Austen characters, titled Lost in Austen. Here's the official synopsis:

Amanda Price is sick of the modern world. She yearns for the romance and elegance found in the books by her favorite author, Jane Austen. But she's about to get a rude awakening as one fateful evening, she is propelled into the scheming 19th century world of Pride and Prejudice while that book's Elizabeth Bennet is hurled into hers. As the book's familiar plot unfolds, Amanda triggers new romantic twists and turns within the Bennet family circle as she clumsily tries to help the sisters nab husbands and even captivates the tantalizing Mr. Darcy herself. But what about Elizabeth... and what will become of one of the world's greatest love stories?

Sounds like a dream come true — unless you come down with a disease there isn't a cure for in Austen's time. But then again, Mr. Darcy heals all. So which movie will be a bigger success: Lost in Austen, or Pride & Prejudice & Zombies?

[via Variety]