When we last spoke with Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello, he told us that the Greek pantheon were a back-stabbing, duplicitous bunch. But apparently the gods have some unresolved paternity issues to boot. In November's issue of Wonder Woman, the superheroine will find out who her father is.

In the third issue of Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscira will learn that her dad is none other than Zeus, the mythological impregnator of everything that moves. As leaked to The New York Post today:

"There are going to be some family issues," Azzarello said, referring to the Olympians as "the original crime family."

He said he's based his take on the Olympians from the original myths.

"They're pretty nasty people," but "they can also do a lot of good. They're like a mirror of human beings, turned up to 11."

Gods, the Spinal Tap of humans. Wonder Woman's history can be pretty screwball, but it's generally agreed that she was molded out of clay by the Amazonian leader Hippolyta.


We really enjoyed the first issue of Azzarello's run with artist Cliff Chiang, so this new origin has potential. How do you feel about the scrubbing of this pottery-based parthenogenesis?