Iron Man was always going to be a tough movie to follow. The "lightning in a bottle" superhero origin story far exceeded everyone's expectations. But after climbing so high, we had no idea that the sequel could fall so low. But then again, this was the film that described the climactic kiss between two stars as being "like two seals fighting over a grape." Thank goodness, Robert Downey Jr. is aware of how terrible this film was, because we were starting to get worried.

While revisiting RDJ movies past with the LA Times, Downey finally put to words what we were all thinking about the sequel his superhero flick, Iron Man.

"The first one changed everything for me and with the second 'Iron Man' there were certain aspects that were dissatisfying and disappointing to me but at least they lit me right.... [The first one] was a meditation on responsibility and an exploration of how a small group of people can take a two-dimensional idea and, if the winds are right, create something that makes people say, 'That was my favorite movie of the year.' To me, Tony Stark's story is a karma story and a technology story. I love a good action movie - a Steve McQueen or Tom Cruise or Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson in the right spot, and you smile and say, 'That's what this kind of movie is all about.' There were two times in my life I prepared for something manically, it was this and 'Chaplin.' I became the expert on this guy."

"Dissatisfying and Disappointing," in Hollywood speak, is highly damning stuff right there. GOOD. Now that he knows what a bad Marvel movie feels like, hopefully he'll help keep The Avengers and Iron Man 3 from going down a dark path.