WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 10/8-10/9 | Lenticular clouds above Mount Rainier, WA. Image by John L. on Flickr.

The Most Disturbing Scene from Last Night's Fringe

Walter Bishop takes matters into his own hands, in this totally horrifying moment from last night's episode of Fringe. We've been told a few times that Walter is losing his marbles, but this absolutely terrifying scene proves that actions speak louder than words. More »

Is Pokémon Satanic? According to this concerned fellow, yes

Every time something newfangled hits the scene and gets the kids riled up, some folks always assume that the devil is in the details. Like this guy right here, who also has an occult bone to pick with Minecraft, Guitar Hero, and Magiquest. More »

Why, that's a dog cosplaying as an AT-AT walker

We've seen an AT-AT act like a dog, now check out a dog masquerading as an AT-AT. This is Katie Mello's dog Bones, who's dressed up as the biomimetic death-bringer of Hoth. More »

Hybrid X-ray images of bird people and octopus women

Underneath our skin all people are the same - unless, that is, you have tentacles instead of legs, a fishtail where your waist ends, or a long, elegant beak springing from your face. More »

What if Dr. Seuss wrote The Call of Cthulhu?

Sanity-destroying cosmic horror can be hard to wrap your head around, so Deviant Artist DrFaustusAu has begun rejiggering H.P. Lovecraft's classic short story as Dr. Seuss book. Now, children of all ages can learn about he who slumbers in his house at R'lyeh. More »

Zombie apocalypse family photos are the cutest thing you'll see all day

Remember those zombie engagement photos? Here's something that might eclipse them on the Adorable-O-Meter. Explains Craftser user ChainCrafts, "My wife only asked for one thing for her birthday this year. More »

A Gifted Man makes you hate the good guys

A wise man (Rick Moranis) once uttered, "Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb." The last two episodes of A Gifted Man show that good also has a bad attitude about being dumb. More »

Hand-painted Russian scifi and fantasy movie posters will make your eyes bleed

Painted movie posters rules, particularly when they take gonzo creative liberties with the films' plots, as Ghanaian and Thai posters sometimes do. But in each of these hand-painted Russian posters, something is fantastically askew. More »

On Supernatural, we discover that Sam always had a taste for monsters

Last night's Supernatural episode, "The Girl Next Door," give us a little fan service in two ways. One, we got a delicious flashback into Sam's past; and two, guest star Jewel Staite (Firefly's Kaylee) played a monster trying to go straight using the alias Amy Pond (the Doctor's companion on last season's Doctor Who). So yeah, that's a lot. But despite the gimmicks, it was a solid monster of the week episode - and a turning point in Sam and Dean's relationship. More »

The gorgeous Italian Star Wars movie you never knew you wanted

Lovingly made Star Wars fan films, they're growing on trees these days. The latest not-for-profit Star flick is the atmospheric Italian film, Dark Resurrection: Volume 0. In this film, a group of Jedis discover a derelict spaceship with a nasty secret. Don't worry, it's nothing like Turkish Star Wars. More »

A rebooted Justice League, complete with a marble Wonder Woman and steampunk Cyborg

With the DC Universe currently overhauling itself, plenty of artists are serving up their own interpretations of the New 52. Aaron Diaz of the webcomic Dresden Codak is one of the latest illustrators to throw his hat in the ring. More »

The Ice Age might still be going on inside China's deepest caves

Hidden in the dark caves of southwest China, a fragment of Earth's last Ice Age might well survive. Sadly, there aren't any mammoths hiding out in there, but tiny plants might represent a last link to 30,000 years ago. More »

Watch a comet smash into the Sun, followed by a massive solar explosion

What you see in this amazing video really is just a coincidence. A comet smashed into one side of the Sun just as a massive explosion ignited on the other side. Two entirely unrelated events...but they sure look awesome together. More »

Babies are already morally superior to the rest of us by 15 months

Babies are already way more adorable and beloved than other humans, but at least we old-timers could scoff at infants and proudly declare, "My senses of fairness and altruism are way better developed than yours!" Well...I've got some bad news. More »