Fans of wacky, hyper-sexual Japanese cinema rejoice! We have some more crazy movie fodder for your file. Take a look at The Warped Forest and please tell us what the hell is going on!

The Warped Forest

Behold, the weirdest thing we've ever seen. A member of the Funky Forest crew, Shunichiro Miki, has made one freaky film, complete with tree breasts, tummy tubes, dick guns, and some sort of white creature that bites your nipple. The whole thing, officially titled The Warped Forest, is a giant mind job....which is the point. [Via Twitch Film]

Settle into your chair and be transported to a place both familiar and alien; where a giant shopgirl can barely fit in her store, there's a weird green pod in every bedroom, and terrifying wood nymphs provide a heartbroken woman with the anatomically correct fruit everyone seems to covet. In the end we are left, like Alice, with the Red King's conundrum: are we dreaming them or are they dreaming us?

The flick will be premiering at the Hawaii International Film Festival.



If you're having Sasquatch problems, I feel bad for you son! Monster movie Primitive seems like your run-of-the-mill creature feature, but we kind of love the twist by making a FX fella the protagonist. Just because I make monsters that doesn't mean I am one! [Via Dread Central]

In this horror tale Martin Blaine, a Hollywood effects artist who makes monsters for a living, must confront his own inner demon made flesh before it destroys everyone he comes in contact with. Horror legend Reggie Bannister of the popular PHANTASM franchise plays Dr. William Stein, the hypnotist whose unorthodox therapy inadvertently conjures Martin's Id, and effects wizard Tom Devlin (SyFy Channel's FACE-OFF) created the creature effects.


Holy bananas, Popbot is going to be a movie! Quiet Earth has let us know that Ashley Wood's graphic series Popbot is getting its very own film directed by Bruce Wood (who directed the second unit on The Matrix). Great, great news. The characters in this series (and in the very popular toy line) are so gorgeous and innovative. We can't wait to see what they look like "in real life." Here's a little video the producers screened at Comic Con to get people hyped for the flick (but it in no way shape or form reflects the movie, so Kitty will not look like that). Check it out.


August Eighth

Dzhanik Faizyev's next big budget Russian flick is about a family torn apart by war. Oh, and giant freaking robots that fly around the sky and shoot shit down.

Xenia - usually young Muscovite, stuck in his routine is not very happy life. It's a little lost, burdened with loneliness, work, problems with her mother, unsettled personal life, a baby that needs constant cares ... Living day by day in an effort about to start a "live" for real, she sincerely wishes that everything will work out! ... And just genuinely do not understand how to do it ...

But here comes the moment of jubilation: Xenia accepts the invitation of a young man Yegor spend several days in Sochi, and sends her son Artyom rest to the Caucasus to the father the boy. Ahead - sea, sun and holidays with loved ones! Is it the dream of serious relationships and women's happiness is finally coming true?

But fate has prepared her otherwise - to make and test a few days as much as others not and it is for life ... Xenia learn about the early military action, which takes place literally in the very spot where the little Tom, and send him back to Moscow, there is no is no possibility. Almost not believing in the reality of what is happening, with no second thought to, Xenia alone goes into the inferno to rescue his son.

The glow of fire, the thunder of explosions, bullets whistling over his head, panning the burning city, shaking roar of guns - hardly on this "adventure" dreamed of this fragile girl. But for the sake of a single goal - to save her child - she will overcome fear, overcome the circumstances, and always will be truly happy. And the horrors of war will remain only an echo of memories, distant and terrible dream ...


[August Eighth via Twitch Film]